Toy Reviews

B Toys

It has been a while since I got THAT excited by a new range arriving in our shops, but B are such delightful, well designed, great toys that provide real play value and the range is growing rapidly.

You can see the range by clicking here and more will be arriving soon.

My current favourite is the Poppitoppy puch down toy. Its recommend for ages 1+ but I see all ages sneaking a go here in the shop, grown-ups too. Press down the button and watch the balls explode into life as they jump about thanks to the brilliant mechanism (which requires no batteries). The packaging says "powered by the perpetual motion machines we call children". Even as I write I keep reaching across to set it off again. If you want something intelligent, colourful and exciting that gets played with again and again then you won't be disappointed with B toys.

Top Model

We took in the Top Model range here at Toys & Tales a couple of months ago and it has been absolutely flying off the shelves. It really fills a gap in the market for older girls who like being girly, but in an intelligent and creative way. Art and craft has always been popular with our customers and this has proved to be just that.

What is Top Model?

Top Model is a complete range of designing books with matching stationary and accessories. It all comes at great prices making it perfect for people wanting to stick to the £10 and under party present. There are themed books which guide you through designing T-shirts, dance wear, bedrooms and complete homes and even outfits for your dog! The books and folders come with amazing stickers and templates and there is a fantastic range of pens and pencils which come in just the right colours for fashion designing and creating skin tones. On top of that there are lipstick erasers and even lipgloss in a glitter ball! Genius. To add to the gift package there is a nice range of folders for you to store your designs in. Check out the range on our website or our big in store displays and also check out the top model website for drawing tips.

See the range at here!