Top 10 Halloween Craft Ideas from Toys & Tales

Hey folks, it's my favourite time of year - Autumn - and that means Halloween, colourful trees and plenty of Pumpkin soup. In celebration of this we have filled our shop with everything you need  to enjoy the time of year by doing lots of crafts with the kiddie winks. We have put together a bunch of ideas here for simple things to do that should end up looking brilliant...honest! So here is our Top Ten:

1. Hanging Bats

The picture here explains it all. You can print out the template into regular paper, fold it in half to that you get an even bat when you cut it out. Place it on black card, stick on some wiggly eyes, punch a hole at the bottom and, hey presto! These also look great hung on a lampshade (careful to avoid any fire hazards there!). All you need is
Black Card
Wiggly Eyes
Scissors (safety ones for the kids)
All available at Toys & Tales.

Click here for the bat template

2. Eggbox Bat

Here you need three 'nests' in a row cut from your eggbox. Simply cut bat wing shapes from the bottom of the outer nests, paint it black and of course add wiggly eyes! This picture shows some pretty fancy orange polka dot ribbon, but string will do!
You Need
Egg Boxes
Black poster paint
Wiggly Eyes
All available at Toys & Tales! Actually, we don't sell egg boxes. Well, we do - but they come with nice wooden aggs and you probably don't want to trash those.

3. Shadow Puppets.

This is great fun because now that it gets dark early, you can whip out your torches and make spooky shadows on the wall at bed time!

This is an easy one and good if you want to avoid mess. We have some nice, thick black card and some jumbo pop sticks. Just draw out your spooky shapes, cut them out (you might need a grown-up with a craft knife for the eyes, but it can be done with scissors) then sticky tape them to the jumbo popsticks. Wait till it is dark enough then have fun making huge shadows!
Thick Black Card (or white) & Popsticks available at Toys & Tales.

4. Glitter Pumpkin.

Carving pumpkins is fun, but it can be tricky and isn't that easy little children - so you can't beat a pot of glitter and some pva glue. You can always add some wiggly eyes (yes I am somewhat wiggly eye mad these days) or draw on a spooky face with some markers.

Glue and glitter available at...you guessed it!

5. Spider Hand print.

We had lots of fun trying this out. We drew a web on card with white chalk then made two back to back hand prints (four fingers only, of course) to create the spider - then added...wiggly eyes! And a smile.

This could be good on black card too with lighter colour paint.

6. Witches Washing

I think this is my favourite. This has been done with felt, but you can use card or paper. It would look good on the front door or in a window.

You can get mini wooden pegs, felt and glue at Toys & Tales.

7. Worm Jelly

I haven't actually tried this - and we don't sell jelly or straws, but I reckon this could be really fun. Dare you to eat them!

8. Cup Spiders.

This can be done with plastic cup, except they are harder to paint on with regular poster paints - so use paper or polystyrene cups. You can use sponges for different paint effects then we have some great pipe cleaners in stock (now known as chenile stems). Don't forget the wiggly eyes!

9. Jar Mummy

 Just in case you needed more ideas to use wiggly eyes! Put in a tea light for extra spookiness (then put it out of reach).

10. Juice Box Mummies

This is a fun idea to jazz up your lunch time! Especially because I know you have so much time in the morning to add this to your lunch making routine...

This is an easy one though - just wind the box in masking tape on a diagonal path. Then add the...wiggly eyes!!!

Enjoy yourselves folks and come along to laugh at some of our attempts on display and fill up your craft cupboard from our great selection at Toys & Tales. See you soon!

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